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Just play lightly and everything is going to be OK!: Legato third

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Practice playing third intervals smoothly

Phrases with a series of thirds are very common, but to play them lightly and legato requires a special technique. Here’s the idea. After playing the first third (say right hand C and E, played together with 1 and 3 fingerings), then hold E while you raise the other finger from C; then play D and F together. Watch the video to see how it done.

Just play lightly and everything is going to be OK! Series

You can practice more with this technique:

Hanon No.15 and Czerny No. 9 and 10 Play Along


complete score ---,_Charles-Louis)

This is good website, too ---


complete score ---

specially I uses "125 Exercises in Passage Playing"

Schubert 18 Viennese Ladies' Ländler D.734, Op.67ändler_und_Ecossaisen%2C_D.734_(Schubert%2C_Franz)

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